What can we say? We’ve been friends for over 10 years and we love to get our hands on all kinds of projects. From business endeavors to arts and crafts to home repairs to cross country road trips to building websites, if we can scheme and plot and budget and plan, we’re probably going to get into it.

We’re here to have fun, indulge or creative side, learn some new stuff, and maybe even make a little money along the way!  We’ll be posting cost breakdowns of any projects we sell, along with hours spent and sold price. We really want to share before-and-after pictures too!

Other than that, we’re two bad ass ladies from New Jersey who love The Beatles but not the beetles, The Cardigans and wearing cardigans, thrift stores, record players, hand painted shit, Internet genius ideas, growing plants, good recipes, taking a drive, finding cool places to visit, wearing fun clothes, rain boots, funky patterned wallpaper, and other exciting things who also run entirely on Wawa coffee.