Do you want to raise $1000 this week to jump start your campaign fundraising —but don’t know where to start?

Campaign Cash™ isn’t just a training and tutorial, it is 15 years of sales training condensed into a fast paced, easy to digest 5 day course designed specifically to to help you raise a quick cash injection for your campaign while creating a solid foundation to build upon for the duration of your campaign cycle and beyond. 

If your time and money are finite resources, then don’t waste them on anything else before you try Campaign Cash!


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We are sharing what we know from experience in business and politics and the business of politics…

By dreaming big, but starting small

By beginning with a small goal of $1000, then scaling your fundraising efforts to raise bigger donations later…

You will build and run the effective and efficient campaign you deserve.

This Campaign Cash™ workshop is essentially four years in the making…

But it’ll only take you five days to implement. 😉

And after working with candidates, grassroots activists, PACs, campaigns, small and large businesses, and public figures across all industries, niches, and backgrounds, we want to work with you, too!

Ready for quick cash and a more sustainable way to fundraise in the process?

(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Get started raising $1000 for your campaign today!

Grab Campaign Cash today…

So… why Campaign Cash?

And what even is Campaign Cash?


Hi, we are Ashley and Anna!

We’re best friends. We’re business partners. We have utilized skills from all kinds of business to create this system which builds on itself as you go through it. We’re going to teach you how to change your mindset so that you can look at everything in your campaign from a new perspective: one that allows you to use everything you learn to build yourself up to being a highly skilled candidate and politician. Campaign Cash is the first step. 

The idea for this Campaign Cash™ workshop came to us in the form of a question we asked ourselves recently…

With SO much up in the air in American politics, we know so many people are wondering what’s going to happen next. Here is what we do know. We escaped the worst case scenario by the skin our our American teeth. If the last four years have taught us anything it is that none of the rights and principles or hopes for the future that we hold sacred are safe without dedicated servants protecting and promoting them at every level of government from school board to Senate.
And let’s be real: Even though we know that the best way for you to change our political culture is to run for local office, even though we know that there are more local offices than there are federal offices in this country, even though we know that down ticket offices are the backbone of our democratic system… the resources and respect don’t trickle down. The slow-growth strategies provided by typical political trainings often teach you high level principles and offer medium level networking opportunities rather than give you practical on the ground strategies for organizing an entire campaign in the real world. Far too few of those high level principles can be turned into votes.
Basically, every candidate could use a quick cash injection right now, and we could all benefit from a strategy that helps get Democrats elected to offices in every single election, whether it’s a brand new candidate or one who’s fighting to keep their seat.  
So, we asked ourselves two questions:

“How can we help Democrats grow support for their campaigns faster and more effectively and how can we help them create a quick cash injection in their fundraising … say $1K in 5 days or less… especially right now, when we need them in office more than ever?”

We didn’t ask “How can we create a full soup to nuts fundraising strategy?”  That can take a few months.
…We didn’t ask “How can we help them launch an entire campaign?” That can take a few weeks.
We asked “How can we help candidates see significant and incremental fundraising growth and make the most money and in the shortest amount of time?”
We mulled it over, then we circled back to what we know best…
A strategy we’ve been using for YEARS…
A strategy to create a quick cash injection that is panic-proof (and pandemic-proof) so a campaign—any type of campaign—can start its first week with money in the bank.
SUPER fast.
Like, less-than-five-days-and-then-you’re-on-a-freaking-roll fast.
The strategies we teach inside Campaign Cash™ are easily digested, practical, and easily executed and duplicated. You don’t need to apply what you’ve learned, you just need to apply yourself to the system. 

“Ok, but… what is Campaign Cash?”

Campaign Cash™ is a specific fundraising strategy — low cost and high value— that you can use exactly as is to grow your funds and your reach simultaneously.
In the Campaign Cash™ workshop, we’ll help turn you into the irresistible fundraiser that your success relies on. 
Best of all, Campaign Cash™ will teach you how to start collecting, and using, your own data–a necessary part of any Democratic campaign.

So, what’s in it for you?

The Campaign Cash™ formula works for any type of candidate—first time or seasoned, whether they are well connected or up and coming, in blue or red environments, or in local or state elections.

If you’re tired of these slow-grow, low ROI, party strategies that tell you that you need to like, prove yourself at cocktail parties before you even deserve to raise your first dollar, then Campaign Cash™ is for you.


If you’re ready to ditch traditional training methods so you can start seeing real results, really fast, then Campaign Cash™ is for you.


If you’re gearing up to create and launch a winning campaign, but you don’t know how to get the money for the things you need, then Campaign Cash™ is for you.


If fundraising is the one thing you are least excited about doing as you run for office then Campaign Cash™ is for you.


Heck, if you just want or need a quick cash injection in your campaign, then Campaign Cash™ is for you!


Inside the Campaign Cash™ workshop, we share:


👉How to set appropriate fundraising goals


👉How to know who you should ask for donations, and how much to ask for


👉How to ask for the donation without feeling pushy or icky


👉How to use your experience to collect important campaign data


👉How to raise support and volunteers while you’re raising money


…Complete with all the tech tutorials, templates, and worksheets you need to make this fast and easy for you!

Imagine if…

All local candidates were able to be trained quickly and affordably…


Access to high quality training did not depend on how much you can pay for it or how many weekends you can sacrifice to get it…


Training was built around your schedule and accessible to your needs…


 That’s what Campaign Cash™ can do for your campaign.


That’s the difference between cold contacting your democratic chair’s 15 year old contact list…


Versus using the Money Tree™ to handpick who you ask, when you ask and how much you ask for — before you even ask.

Grab Campaign Cash™ today


Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Campaign Cash™:

How to organize your sphere of influence into a Money Tree™—a super-simple way to organize your fundraising list—using our “Guaranteed Growth Method.”
How to generate $1000 (or more) in just 5 days (or less).
How to leverage sales psychology to set your asks at an irresistible donation amount and make it a no-brainer donate for your contacts, even if you think nobody is donating to politics right now.
(Hint: They definitely are.)
How to launch your fundraising successfully and reach your ideal donors—even if you have zero list and zero budget for adspend. No influence? No problem!
How to develop a super-simple donor funnel so you can turn donors into volunteers as quickly as possible.
How to leverage the information you get through Campaign Cash™ to grow your donations through other fundraising avenues.

And did we mention that you can do all of this in less than a week?


Yep. This formula is fast.


Quick cash? Check.


Volunteer growth? Check.


Your own data that you can use to win your election? Check.


And a proven formula to make it happen in 5 days or less? Checkety check check.

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen.

Actually, “tons of time” is kind of the antithesis of this whole thing.


The name of the game with Campaign Cash™ is speed and simplicity.

And of course, donations.

Because of that, we’ve laid out this quick workshop so you have an easy-to-implement assignment each day, five days in a row.


So, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed…


Or a couple of hours here and there while you’re trying to run the rest of your campaign…
(Or both…)


You can make those donations start to flow. Fast.

Grab Campaign Cash™ today


Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is Campaign Cash™ for?

Campaign Cash™ is right for any—yes, any—type of candidate.
Whether you’re young and just breaking out on the political scene or already established and whether you have experience fundraising or not, Campaign Cash™ is for you.

New Candidates

Everything is brand new to you when you first run for office. There’s no playbook (although we’re trying to change that!) and you have to rely on help from other people to get yourself started. Using Campaign Cash will give you a jump start on your financing and methods to continue to grow your campaign well past the first 5 days that we cover in this training.

Campaign Managers

Even seasoned candidates need help getting started on fundraising. In fact, we know that sometimes seasoned candidates can be harder to push into this role, and we know that you know that they know they have to do it, but they will still avoid it for as long as they can. Enrolling your candidates in Campaign Cash will give them the confidence they need to get started and will help squash out any anxiety or bad habits.

New to Fundraising

If you’ve never done fundraising before and you aren’t sure where to start, then consider yourself halfway there– you’ve searched for the answer, looking in every place you can and now, you’ve found it. Campaign Cash is how you get started with fundraising, and it’s so easy that even someone with no experience can make it work exactly as it’s intended.

Just because the world is social-distancing doesn’t mean you should stop trying to raise money to run.

But… it might mean you raise it differently.
Campaign Cash™ allows you to create a gateway into your fundraising so you can continue organizing your donors and would-be donors, regardless of what’s happening right now, in your community, or even the world.
Regardless of what you are running for and where you are running, your campaign needs early money to grow.
Campaign Cash™ was painstakingly designed to provide you with the tools you need to secure these extremely important initial funds.
In fact, Campaign Cash™ teaches you how to reach more people in a fundraising session and get more donations in less time, more data for your strategy efforts, and more volunteers working for your success.

“Wait… but can second time candidates use Campaign Cash™, too?”


Yep! That’s what we said up above—and we meant it!

Campaign Cash™ is GREAT for second time candidates.

The real question is why wouldn’t a second time candidate benefit from using a proven method for fundraising?

What you get when you grab your copy of Campaign Cash™:

5-Day Gameplan…

…to get your fundraising launched fast without skipping any important steps.

Guaranteed Growth Method…

…our proprietary system for crafting a donation system that grows your campaign.

Fundraising Playbook…

…to create a high-converting ask that is respectful and respectable.

Your Money Tree…

…to meet your fundraising goals, even if you have no social media following or ads budget.

The LEAF System

…to take the guesswork out of list creation and organizing.

Accessible Tutorials…

…read it, watch it, listen to it. However you need to digest this information, we’ve made it available to you.

“OMFG, that’s a ton of stuff for just… $47? For real?!”

Yup. The Campaign Cash™ workshop is worth ten or even twenty times what we’re charging.
After all, it’ll help you make way more than that—in the short-term and long-term.
BUT our goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because we know candidates need this strategy NOW.
We don’t want you to start asking for donations someday… we want you to get started TODAY.

So we’ve priced it so you don’t have to hem and haw… you can just grab it and go!

This isn’t about helping you create complex funnels or a long-term, long-game strategy.


We are not here to teach you that stuff right now. (We can get to that later.)

Instead, our goal is simple:

We want you to raise $1000 in 5 days and grow your fundraising efforts—in the way we know best:

Campaign Cash™

But—AND THIS IS IMPORTANT—this isn’t just fundraising tips and tricks…


This strategy is specific.


This isn’t about just best practices.


This isn’t random.


This isn’t about luck.


It’s better than that.
The Campaign Cash™ framework shows you exactly what it takes to:


  • Get set up so that you can actually take donations
  • Set realistic and achievable goals for your fundraising and campaign
  • Figure out who to ask and what to ask them for
  • Get excited to ask for donations
  • Leverage your data to grow your campaign as a whole
We’ve packaged up all of this into a quick workshop and 5-day framework that you can complete and implement in (you guessed it) 5 days—or less.


We’ve put this at a no-brainer price so you don’t have to ride the fence for days or even hours.


Why? Because I don’t want you to delay your campaign for days or even hours.


Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Grab Campaign Cash™ today


Now only $47!

“Why the urgency, Ashley and Anna?”


Here’s the thing:


Things are not “business as usual.”


This is a highly unusual time.


Even with things slowly starting to open up, it’s going to be a while before things return to any semblance of “normal.”

No one alive today has gone through what we’re all going through right now, and no candidate has the monopoly on how to perfectly handle this uncertain situation.

BUT here are a few things that are certain:

People are still running for office.


People still need you to run for office.


People still have the same problems they had before the pandemic, before the election. Those problems still need solutions, i.e., your vision.


And while traditional fundraising efforts involve more cocktails…


You may feel compelled to pivot and provide a simpler solution so your campaign can survive—and even thrive—in this unusual time. While also growing your following and creating a gateway to volunteer opportunities.


And if that’s where you are, we want to help you.

Campaign Cash™ can be used in addition to—or instead of—the usual early fundraising strategies.

You don’t need to ditch the current campaign and cocktails model.
And you certainly don’t need to stop networking.
After all, making connections is what makes our political economy go ‘round.
The DNC doesn’t control the progressive political economy. 
WE, the people who run for and vote for local offices, are the political economy.
And it only works when money keeps circulating at the bottom of the ticket.
So, why not use Campaign Cash™ to keep that cycle going?
A small and simple digital product that literally won’t leave any dollar up to chance at a no-brainer price point…
(…If you use our proven framework…)
That you can later leverage to grow every other aspect of your campaign?
That’s exactly what we’re doing inside Campaign Cash™.
Curious? Ready to get started? Or at least ready for the next steps?



Grab your digital copy of Campaign Cash™ here.


Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!


Follow the 5-day framework to get started raising money fast.


Leverage every task you undertake into donations, volunteers, data, and votes  using our super-simple, organic strategies (no ads needed!).

Grab Campaign Cash™ today


Now only $47!

Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!

You don’t need a social media following, an ads budget, or fancy tech skills to make this happen.
You just need The Campaign Cash™ Formula.

We’ll help you set an initial goal for fundraising, come up with your list, define your asks, handle objections, and turn your supporters into followers and volunteers.

In 5 days or less.

Your campaign needs this. Nay, your campaign deserves this.
(Ok, it needs it, too.)
You’re ready to start fundraising but you want to be comfortable with what you are asking for.
You are more than ready to create a simple and sustainable stream of donations for your campaign.
You’re over your campaign finances having to depend on the whim of your local democratic apparatus… and you suspect the time to pivot is now.
If you’re ready to run your own show …
You’re ready for Campaign Cash™

FAQs About Campaign Cash™

What if I’m not tech-savvy?

Great! You don’t need to be. We’ve got all of the tech tutorials and templates to make this easy for you, and better yet, fast for you. Even though Campaign Cash is a digital product, you can totally make most of it into a physical product, and in fact we demand that you do!

Also, don’t worry about what tech you do or don’t need for this. We walk through all of that and give you simple options for everything!

What if I’m already too busy with things at home and work full-time and barely have a free hour in my day to do anything?!

As working moms, we feel you. We are all about that naptime hustle.

But you don’t need hours upon hours to put this together. The Campaign Cash™ program is a 5-day framework for easy implementation, even if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed. You got this!

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Campaign Cash ™—and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds.

Will Campaign Cash™ help me create a full fledged fundraising strategy for my campaign?

Nope! We’re taking a different approach. Campaign Cash™ was designed specifically to help you lay the groundwork for your full fledged strategy that could crumble without a solid foundation. We help you get into the right mindset before you create your long term plan so you can have a better insight into how it should be built.

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access, quickie workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes.

So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though our vote is for starting sooner rather than later!)

What if I have zero experience and zero budget?

Totally fine! You don’t need those things to have success with this strategy. Truly. You can raise $1000 in about fuve days with Campaign Cash™, even if you have no contact list, no influence of any kind, and no idea about what your budget is going to be. You don’t need those things to get started.

You just need to… start! 

(And of course, join Campaign Cash™…here.)

How do I join the Campaign Cash™ program?

A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join Campaign Cash™ today!

This workshop is 4 years in the making…

But it’ll only take you 5 seconds to join and about 5 days to implement!

Join Campaign Cash™ today and give your campaign the quick cash injection—and the sustainable stream of donations—it needs. 


Grab Campaign Cash™ today


Now only $47

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!