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Office Update #1

I am really excited to say that I ordered some things for my office project!

In fact, I ordered a bunch of things. Most of it’s not that fun, I definitely needed cleaning and “construction” supplies. Most of my ordering went to this category.

Since the first thing I need to do is clean the area, I got myself a new broom and scrub brushes. I have unprimed cinder block walls and a cement floor, so I need to brush and sweep and vaccuum the area to get ready for step 2, which is priming and painting.

I bought a paint sprayer to make the job easier and to get the ceiling. It’s all exposed beams and wiring, but as Pinterest taught me, a coat of white paint makes it look not-so-bad and seriously brightens the space. I need that big time.

Since I’m going to be spraying above, I also needed to get one of those sick ass bunny suits with the hood and the booties and the goggles. This is probably what I’m most excited about. I can’t wait to be in my little outfit spraying the shit out of my basement to make it look clean and new. Also I will look hot af doing it.

Since I couldn’t resist it after buying all that cleaning and painting stuff, I ordered my desk and chair too! Not gonna lie, I’m kind of obsessed with them both. Unfortunately, they’ll be the last things I open and play with. I’m hoping knowing they’re there will help motivate me to get this project done fast!

In the meantime, I await my shipments.


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