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Ok, I snapped.

I finally hit my breaking point. After 11 months of everyone home all the time and no babysitting and no breaks I can officially say that I am past the point of no return when it comes to not having a place to work.

My house is certainly not a mansion by any stretch. All of our bedrooms are occupied as we have a little bit of a large family, and our common areas are spoken for. Since I share a room with my baby, I have sacrificed my ability to use that space as any kind of work environment because let’s get real–when am I working? When he’s sleeping? Yes, that is correct!

In the before times, when everyone left for the day, I was free to work in any area I wanted to. Couch, table, desk, bedroom, living room, the house was my oyster. These days, the only room I ever have a chance of being alone in it’s the bathroom and even that is not guaranteed. Honestly it’s not even likely. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Right now, I’m working out of a bag like a traveling salesman. Wherever and whenever the opportunity arises I just have to shift from whatever life I was just dealing with to work on dime. I have to try to get in focus fast because the time and space I have to work is fleeting. Sometimes it feels like the second I start a random countdown timer begins and when it beeps it’s pencils down, everyone.

Too many times I’ve had to just sit in my car to get things done or to think because it’s the only place I can close a door between me and all of the faces, hands, paws, questions, eyes, messes, and noises.

And so it’s ENOUGH already. I can’t do it anymore. The problem cannot continue unsolved.

I decided to utilize the only space we have that’s not in use: our unfinished basement.

It’s definitely not “nice” down there. We had some work done last year to waterproof and fix the floor, so it isn’t as bad as it was either. It doesn’t smell, (thank you waterproofing), but it is still not someplace you really want to hang out. We have our laundry machines down there and it’s totally fine, but there’s no reason to stay down there any longer than it takes to load and unload the machines.

That sparked a new problem: how do I make this basement into a place I can deal with?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it can’t just be the bare minimum in every way. The bare minimum is to open a folding table and a folding chair and call it a day.

I tried that. It didn’t take.

So I’m doing it–I’m doing a pseudo renovation of an 11×12 area in the basement that will, over the next few weeks, be transformed into an office! Expect those before and after pictures because They. Are. Coming.

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