2017 & 2018

Middletown Committee

Team Goals

Our goal was to get 11,369 votes: our calculated win number. We wanted to present clear and concise messaging and reach voters across multiple platforms. Each candidate received over 13,000 votes.

Our Approach

We used the marketing rule of 7 to estimate about 63,000 touches were needed to reach our voters and our goals. We achieved this through our use of microtargeted campaigns and canvassing.

On the web

When people want information, the first place they look is on the internet

That’s why it was imperative to have a strong presence on the web, so voters would know exactly what these candidates were all about.

Full Website

We created a beautiful and substantial website to showcase the candidate’s platform and personality.

Team Site

They benefited from a team site that let voters get to know everyone on the ticket in 2018.

Landing Pages

We created landing pages as part of microtargeted campaigns that matched other advertising media.
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See how using a professional marketing package can help legitimize your campaign and win you more votes.

Intentional and coordinated social media strategies

We created social media campaigns that not only looked great, but were coordinated between the candidates so they were posting complimentary pieces instead of copies of the same thing to the same audience.

Canvassing with intention

We created a canvassing strategy that encouraged local democrats to get involved with the campaign, grew the email lists, and ultimately the club attendance.

Canvass for volunteers

We started out our canvassing efforts by trying to get the help we would need to run our campaign successfully.

Vote by mail

Then we encouraged people who wouldn’t be able to make it to the polls to vote by mail.

Persuasive voter list

We spent a significant amount of effort reaching out to our persuadable voters list to gain the most traction.

Get out the vote

Lastly, we encouraged everyone to get out there and make sure their voices were heard.

New Emails

We grew our email list substantially.

Cell Phone Numbers

We got contact info for people who wanted to hear from us.

More Attendance at Club Meetings

Middletown’s Democratic club has never been more popular.

Our Videos

We wrote and produced videos to help this team get their message to a wider audience.

Target smaller audiences to increase voter turnout

Microtargeted Campaigns

Don’t let the name fool you, a microtargeted campaign is no small undertaking. They consist of many moving parts working together to get out a single message or reach a particular goal.

Social Media

Many people are unsure as to how to use social media to really engage with their audience. Social media use needs to be consistent and planned while looking spontaneous. The most important thing to remember about social media is that digital engagement is worthless unless it translates into real world action — so followers must be continuously coached to do, say, and share offline.

Paid Advertising

Political campaigns only have a limited amount of time to generate interest. It doesn’t always make sense to wait for traffic to generate on a website and social media organically. Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other content-driven sites can help meet promotional benchmarks. In order to do this effectively, you must create a budget, figure out what platforms to focus on, and which pieces to market.

Direct Mail

It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but direct mail still works to get a candidate seen in the areas where it matters. Due to their relative cost, mail pieces should be one of a candidate’s strongest, most thoughtful marketing materials. They should be memorable and impactful. Most importantly, mail should be sent to a highly targeted population based on purpose, voter behavior and data.


The use of video in advertising on the internet has dramatic results. People are more likely to watch a 20 second video clip than they are to read a 50-word post. Time needs to be taken to carefully hone the message on these videos, word by word. Videos need a combination of paid and shared exposure to maximize their results.

Landing Page

A landing page welcomes visitors from targeted marketing channels in order to capture their contact information or donation. Unlike a homepage where there are many options for onsite interaction, a landing page has one purpose: to encourage a single click event.

Graphic Design

Each person in a target market needs to get ‘touched’ by a campaign six times. Maintained exposure over time to stable visual branding allows people to quickly recognize and recall a candidate and their materials.


Email has long standing value in getting your message out to people who are interested in what you’re doing. While building an email list is half the battle, the other half is sending visually branded and masterfully crafted emails that engage your audience and encourage them to click through.

Messaging & Consulting

A clear, concise, and relatable message is critical in any campaign. Once that message is  created it must guide and inform every micro-targeted campaign.

Samples of Our Work

Branding, Design
Design, Print Materials
Walk Cards
Design, Print Materials
Consulting, Design, Print Materials
Fundraising Package
Our Testimonials


Of course we’re proud of what we accomplished in Middletown, but what did the candidates think? This is what they have to say:

Ashley & Anna have served as marketing consultants for my local political campaigns.  A&A have a deep understanding of the challenges facing a woman running for office and have proven to be invaluable to my campaigns.  A&A have provided excellent advice and counsel as they worked in tandem with my team to understand our mission and needs. They were able to alert us to ways in which we could market our vision to like minded residents, as well as persuade other voters that our message is authentic and fresh.  I am constantly impressed with their ability to listen to me as a client and turn that into graphics that tell my story.

Tricia Maguire

I have had the good fortune to work with Ashley & Anna on multiple projects over the last few years.  They have a unique ability to take your content or message and deliver it to your audience in a way that resonates and takes full advantage of the myriad social media and digital platforms.

Sean Byrnes

Although I’ve known and admired both Ashley and Anna for years, this was my first opportunity to work with them professionally. Their ability to seamlessly integrate creativity with goal-orientated messaging is unmatched. I honestly believe the marketing material they produced for my campaign was nothing short of art. Their expertise in transforming visions and ideals into concrete work exceeded all my expectations. When you’re campaigning, it takes a particular kind of trust to allow someone to market who you are and what you want to accomplish. The best decision I made in my campaign was trusting in Ashley and Anna. The are the perfect blend of classic elegance and modern edge.

Danielle Walsh