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We are a month into 2021 and it still feels like we’re in the Director’s Cut of 2020.

My kids, who have been doing school at home for almost a full year now, finally just scored a half day on Wednesday when the district was made aware of the mental and emotional impact 6 hours of computer school in their tiny corners was having on students.

In case you’re wondering about the brutal statistic there, it’s 93%. People seeking mental health services rise by 93% in 2020. And suicidal ideation is s k y r o c k e t i n g among the young, especially the lgbtqia+, population. Mental Health America reports a higher rate of frequent thoughts of self-harm than ever before.

That’s like, actually pretty serious.

So then why


is there still a mental health stigma in America?

If everyone is depressed, if everyone is suffering from anxiety, if rates of suicide are increasing…

How is this not something we are all trying to figure out together?

And you know what? It is political.

When the people who run our government, even at a local level, don’t make mental health a priority, the public at large might think, hey, this is not a priority. But it is.

Everyone wants to talk about healthcare, it’s sooo hot right now and it has been for a pretty long time. Mental health needs to be included in this conversation.

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