What Does SEO Really Mean?

Sure, you hear people talk about SEO, but mostly it seems like everyone just starts throwing around jargon and talking about algorithms whenever it comes up. If you’re just trying to find out what it all means, and more importantly, what it means for your website and your business, you’ve probably had a hard time finding real answers. This happens a lot, maybe more than you think, and quite frankly it’s unfortunate. So without any further ado, please enjoy this very simple definition of search engine optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the act of making your website easier for search engines to categorize and understand.

Yes, the dreaded algorithms do change and develop constantly. However, when SEO is done correctly, no change in algorithm will greatly affect your status on search engines. Luckily there are a few very simple ways to accomplish this.

Start first by naming your pages correctly and labeling the items on your site appropriately. Avoid using file names like “102388941.jpg” or “amskmgthome.html” and instead use something like “logo.jpg” or “index.html”. When possible, tag and categorize your content appropriately.

If you use WordPress, there are tons of SEO plugins that are wonderful and free and very helpful.

You can use in context SEO by using what’s called “long-tail keywords.” These are typically longer search terms, for example, “when is central bakery open” or “central bakery hours” rather than simply “bakery.” When creating your content, think about the questions that people call your business to ask. The answers should be on your website somewhere!

The most important thing to remember when upgrading your SEO is not to be a jerk. There are a lot of “black hat” tricks out there and let us assure you that even if they work momentarily, they will fail you just as quickly. Build a strong SEO strategy for yourself that’s manageable and profitable.